Rough Sea at Splash Point, Worthing, 14 July 1921

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To: Mrs I Thaine, Eastfield, Hickling, Nr Norwich, Norfolk

Dear Ivy received letter on leaving here Monday am going to Norwich Will write from there when I am returning Love from Blanche


Arundel Church, 4 January 1905

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To: Miss F. Smith, “Collinwood”, Shelley Road, Worthing

3.50 p.m. Jan 4/05

Dear F,

I am very sorry I ran away with key to “Garage” in my pocket. If you shall want it before I see you Sunday a PC. will bring it by post. Thought it best to let you know it was not lost – would have done so on Card last eve but did not know I had it till today. Be good till I see you. Yours as always Percy