National Types in Wales No.6, 7 September 1906

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To: Miss Vivian, 23 South Street, Bridport, Dorset

I thought you would like some Welsh women for your collection. They don’t often dress like this now a days. The Suspension Bridge in the distance is the one over the Menai Straits, which divide the Isle of Anglesey from Wales itself. I hope you enjoyed Mrs Betts on Sunday, and that you will have a good time with Mr Farmer, and a good big class. I am enjoying my rest very much. Yours kindly J.M.Reid

[The bridge is actually the suspension bridge over the Conwy river with Conwy Castle in the background]

Cardiff Castle, 8 July 1932

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To: The Rev Dr Miller Waugh. 72 Warrior Square, St Leonards . on . Sea, Sussex.

St Mary’s. Talbot St Cardiff.

Many Thanks for the P.O.s Glad you are having a good time.

I have nobody to come with me to the sea now so I have returned to golf.

All good wishes

Alfred. [??]

[Great advert on the postmark: The Telephone makes Life Easier. Reminder that post cards were the cheaper alternative to telephone at this time.]