Clovelly, N. Devon, 4 February 1909


To: Mrs Eckersley, Penrhose, Moss Lane, Ashton-on-Mersey

My dear Margaret

Tell Mother thank you for the tickets. Nell & Bertha have gone. We shall be at Auntie Alices on Friday so if you are not at chapel tell Alice to bring Charles & you up, I shall have some fishes for you. Glad Daddy has got back again and hope he is better, we shall very likely see you on Sunday so can tell you all the news. Best wishes from children Sy


Rough Sea at Bude, 23 March 1940

img263a img263

To: Master B.Russell, 61 Magdalen Rd, North End, Portsmouth

Dear Bob

Isn’t this a lovely picture of the rough sea? The coast is very rocky & dangerous & I should think it would be a lovely place in the summer for catching crabs amongst the rocks. We walked down to the shore last night & saw the big “breakers” coming in. I’m writing you a letter very soon. Love – Aud

A Stormy Day at Hastings, 20 September 1904

img270 img270a

Maud m’a envoyé pour toi quelques P.C. de Hastings la plage où elle a passé l’été et qui est une des plus jolies d’Angleterre sur la côte Sud. J’en ai une

To: Mademoiselle A.[?] de Rivo. Berne, 122 Avenue de Villiers, Paris, France

[Maud sent me some post cards for you of Hastings, the beach where she spent the summer and which is one of the prettiest in England on the south coast. I have one.]

Rough Sea at Palace Pier, Brighton, 11 July 1939

img268 img268a

To: Madame Enid Lammens, 54 Marche aux Grain, Gand, Belgium

Brighton Beach, 1.45

My dearest all

How are you? I suppose getting excited, looking forward to your holidays. Oh! its so lovely here on the beach, the sun is hot & I think weather is on the change. We are here for a day, left home at 9.30 & return at 7o/c. Well all my love to you. Let us have P.C. when to meet children. Am here with Auntie & Uncle and we have all just finished our lunch. Love Jimmy.

[? 6.35  a Bestbore in ok]???

Gand is the French name for Ghent. The final line is unintelligible to me.

Rough Sea, Minehead, no date

img266 img266a

To: Miss P. Cousins, Cash Stores, Oakley, Basingstoke

Dear Pam.

Just a P.C. to say thank you for your letters Mum was thrilled with your Mothers’ letter & says she was very pleased to hear you were so happy with us. Roll on Sept. We are all thoroughly enjoying our hols. Pop has a very red nose but that is not [mentioning?] my bacon. We have visited some lovely spots the views here are wonderful. Our digs are very good. when we return we shall be twice our normal size. Love from All.

Rough Sea at Wildersmouth, Ilfracombe, 25 March 1915

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To: Miss Evans, 15 Ramuz Drive, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

Dearest – Thursday – March.27.1915

Thanks so very much for yours of this morning. No – I had not got it. I forgot to say yesterday that I casually remarked to Mum one morning when going over the bridge with her – that I had seen the cottage – went up on a flying visit – having heard fr. D. all about […] and did not say when – & she made no comment – so that’s study [?] it as long as she does not know that we went together. Have also got Mrs. H- dress fr. Eastmans – it was 7/6 – so that’s done with. I am glad it did not come when I was out. Much love dearest one & a x for the dear child. From your M.

Torbay Road, Torquay, 6 September 1918

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To: Miss G. J. Hunt, 5 Lancaster Rd, Brighton, Sussex

“Cotteswold”, Devons Rd, Babbacombe


Thanks for the p.c. We hope to be home to about tea time tomorrow. Don’t wait tea. Shall live at 152 for the two days. Of course we shall run in & out but don’t want Auntie to move as the front room at P.R. is vacant. Love to all from both. Mabs