Just Like the Ivy. No. 1, 7 October 1908

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Grandad sat at evenfall ‘neath the dear old garden wall,

Where ivy was clinging all round;

And a maiden young and fair, with blue eyes and golden hair,

Was nesting there beside him on the ground.

“Some day you’ll be leaving me for a sweetheart,” the old man sighed.

“Some day you’ll be forgetting me.” But with a smile the maid replied:

To: Miss Cowdery, c/o Mrs Barff, Woodmancote, Langstone, Nr Havant


Dear Alice,

if fine I am coming up in the morning and will come and see you first then I am goin to see my poor brother Will arrange when we meet With love Ma


Just Like the Ivy No.2, 9 October 1908

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“Just watch the ivy on that old garden wall,

Clinging so tightly whate’er may befall,

As you grow older I’ll be constant and true,

And just like the ivy, I’ll cling to you.”

To: Miss Cowdery, c/o Mrs Barff, Woodmancote, Langston, Havant

Dear Alice

I am very pleased to tell you I reached home quite safe and they very soon got my things unpacked they were all pleased with it My head is very bad today. With love Ma

hope you got back safe