Cardiff Castle, 1 March 1910


To: Mrs Renouf, Six Roads Chapel, St Lawrence, Jersey, C.I.


Dear F.

I see you are having very wet weather over in Jersey, we have had it too here, but it is no unusual thing for this place so they say.

Please use pearl buttons for object in question. With kind regards. A.M.S.



Cardiff v Harlequins No 9, 21 April 1911


To: Mrs E. Whitford, Glencairn, St.Columb, Cornwall


Taken on the football ground last Monday. You see me, & Pat, David & some stern others there [?]. Hullo [?] from me all well.


[Cardiff won 10-5. The card is overprinted with G. Davie, Photo, 50 Albany Road, Cardiff. Many thanks to Howard Ahmun for sending me this and a few others from his collection of rugby postcards.]


Queen Street, Cardiff, 7 August 1946

img366 img367

To: Mr & Mrs Wm Griffiths, Coed Parc Bungalow, Parish Rd, Cwmgwrach, Nr. Neath

Dear Mam & Dad,

Just a line hoping you are well, we are having a lovely time here, We were at Llanharen yesterday but Eunice was not there, gone to Porthcawl for the day. We had a telegram from her today, she came on the 1-30 train, just for a few hours. Well how is auntie and uncle enjoying themselves. no more news now

love Glenys & Arthur

Cardiff, 22 June 1908


To: Miss N Holman, C/o Samuel Hall, High St, Local

Business to morrow very possible there to night

Snider [?]

[Gabrielle Ray, born Gabrielle Elizabeth Clifford Cook, was an Edwardian actress, dancer and singer from Cheadle in Cheshire. She starred in West End musicals such as The Orchid (singing The Pink Pyjama Girl whilst dancing in pink pyjamas, apparently), Lady Madcap, The Little Cherub, The Merry Widow, The Dollar Princess and Peggy. She was the supermodel of her day, hugely photographed, with admirers such as Alfred Vanderbilt and King Manuel of Portugal. Following a short marriage and a fading career, she went through a period of depression and alcohol abuse ending in mental breakdown. Gabrielle Ray was institutionalised in 1936, dying in Holloway Sanatorium in Egham in 1973, aged 90. There’s a biographic website dedicated to Ray ( and another which has an amazing collection of around 700 Gabrielle Ray postcards (

Samuel Hall (1841-1921) is also interesting.  From a (presumably well-to-do) Pembrokeshire family, he was related to Benjamin Hall (1802-1867), Lord Llanover of Llanover and Abercarn, after whom Big Ben in the Palace of Westminster may be named. Samuel was the eponymous proprietor of a drapery store in High Street, Cardiff, owning houses at Tynewydd, St Bride’s-super-Ely in the Vale of Glamorgan, and Ivy Tower, St Florence, near Tenby. He is buried in Carew Cheriton church in Pembrokeshire. The shop is mentioned in an article in Wales Online in 2012 “Beryl Tobin, nee Corbin, worked at Samuel Hall in High Street, Cardiff, between 1945-1949 and writes: “It was a high class shop in those days and my wages were four shillings and 11½d a week. There was a door in our work room that you could go out of and walk the glass domes in the arcade roof, and being the youngest I was sent all over the place, mainly for matching cottons. My favourite shop was in Paradise Place off Queen Street by the Taff Vale pub.”” The shop was at 8-10 High Street, adjacent to High Street Arcade.]


Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, 24 August 1907


To: Miss B Weddell, 27 Almington Street, Thorpedale Road, Holloway, London

1 Paget Street, Cardiff

Dear Beaty

I was very pleased to hear from you, you will be very busy won’t you! but I shall be very pleased to see you both at class again, come as soon as you come home won’t you. My little boy is keeping fairly well just now my lol holiday is drawing to a close so with best love to you I remain your affectionate [?] F.R.


Cardiff, Queen Street, 10 July 1908

img337 img338

To: Mrs W. Clayton, 44 Perry St, Anlaby Rd, Hull




-OCH —

This is a little village near here.


[Actually, Llanfair PG as it is also known, is the other end of Wales on Anglesey, about 180 miles away. Good effort, just one small spelling mistake. See if you can spot it!]

Queen Street, Cardiff, 5 August 1948

img187a img187

To: Miss P. Phillips, 17 Barleycroft Green, Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

Hope you are having a super holls, cos we are. I had to play in the Bury tennis tournament in all the hot weather but it was super fun, even though I didn’t get very far. Now the weather is awful & stopped us seeing much of the match against the Australians. Give my love to your family

Much love Clare

[Steve Phipps informs me the match against the Australians was cricket, a washed out tour match against Glamorgan between the fourth and fifth 1948 Ashes tests.]

Cardiff, Queen Street, 10 July 1908

img185 img185a

Queen Street. This is another busy business street where electric cars ply, and hurried Cardiff eats and drinks, buys and sells in the buildings whose handsome frontages are seen. At the end of the street is the Gallery of the South Wales Arts Society which holds an annual autumn exhibition.

To: Mrs S.W.Clayton, 44 Perry St, Anlaby Rd, Hull




-OCH —

This is a little village near here.