Caerphilly Castle, May 1941

To: Mrs Townley, St.Barnabas Vicarage, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire

Dear Mrs Townley,

We are enjoying our holiday very well indeed.

The countryside is lovely now & last night I went with Aluns brother for a long ride on horseback over the mountain.

My socks have been most usefull already.

Hope you are both well.


Cheers! [?] Ruin’s due to Cromwell, not to H/E. E.

[Caerphilly Castle’s leaning tower was commonly said to have been deliberately damaged by Cromwell’s army in the Civil War (1640s) but there’s no evidence – it might just be due to subsidence when the moat dried up, as in this postcard. It certainly wasn’t due to World War II high explosives.]



St. Martin’s Road, Caerphilly, 14 November 1905


To: Miss Bufion, Phoesyfompren, Penybont, Radnor

Dear A .. I was disappointed not to have seen you on Sat. Did you go to Builth. Write me a long letter with all the news. Best love M

Address. Cartref, St Martins Rd, Caerphilly

x where we abide

St. Martin’s Road, Caerphilly, post 1915

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To: Mrs Richardson, 8 Brook St, Stoke-on-Trent, Staff’s

Gilfach. Thurs-night

Dear J

This is another view of Caerphilly. Have just arrived back to the digs. Had a good time. Was wishing you had been with me. Thought I should have heard from you today. Work tomorrow highho La La.

Yours H.

[One of a series of post cards of Caerphilly published by Tuck’s in 1915. Tuck’s virtually invented the commercial Christmas card and the picture post card. There’s a great website with the history of the company and a database of their post cards. Read more.]