Palace Pier, Brighton, 30 December 1918

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To: Miss White, c/o Mrs Osmond, West Stafford, Nr Dorchester

Am living in Kensington now. Have been down here for the week end. return in the morning. will write soon. I didn’t know you had left Hampstead. Happy New Year. Did you get your Xmas card. Love Bessie


Rough Sea at Palace Pier, Brighton, 11 July 1939

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To: Madame Enid Lammens, 54 Marche aux Grain, Gand, Belgium

Brighton Beach, 1.45

My dearest all

How are you? I suppose getting excited, looking forward to your holidays. Oh! its so lovely here on the beach, the sun is hot & I think weather is on the change. We are here for a day, left home at 9.30 & return at 7o/c. Well all my love to you. Let us have P.C. when to meet children. Am here with Auntie & Uncle and we have all just finished our lunch. Love Jimmy.

[? 6.35  a Bestbore in ok]???

Gand is the French name for Ghent. The final line is unintelligible to me.

Never mind, old chap. It’s a glorious death. 15 September 1909

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To: Syd. Goble AB, 20 Mess, HMS Revenge, Portsmouth

G Towner, 8 Trinity St, Bton

Syd Just a line we are doing grand so far, have you got your leave, iff so let us know, the weather is grand plenty of people about, they sends their best from home, we are going out the H and H. this morning, will have one for you out there from your Chum. George.