Clovelly, N. Devon, 4 February 1909


To: Mrs Eckersley, Penrhose, Moss Lane, Ashton-on-Mersey

My dear Margaret

Tell Mother thank you for the tickets. Nell & Bertha have gone. We shall be at Auntie Alices on Friday so if you are not at chapel tell Alice to bring Charles & you up, I shall have some fishes for you. Glad Daddy has got back again and hope he is better, we shall very likely see you on Sunday so can tell you all the news. Best wishes from children Sy


Swanage, The Undercliff Walk, 9 August 1909


To: Mrs B Martin, “Holly Bank”, Woodhill, Portishead, Somerset.

Having a glorious time. Weather perfect! Bathing every day. Grays join us. Just going to meet them now. Sorry to have to return on Sat. Love from IMS [?]

London, 8 July 1909

img223a img223

Thursday, (Sadler). Tate Gallery

To: Miss Frances Mantz, 5 Northcott Av., Wood Green, N

I hope you will enjoy your little holiday. I have got one this afternoon and dont know what to do with it. I hope you will take care of your daughter and “viva voce” [sic]. It was too wet for tennis last night and I must be good and go to the last class tonight so I shall have none today It is a case of next week again  au revoir

Ever your own Browning

[A fluent ‘mirror writing’ hand which reads legibly when held up to a mirror.]

The painting is by Walter Dendy Tate and dates to 1880. The Tate display caption reads: “Sadler was well known for his humorous scenes of religious life. In this picture, which is also known as ‘Tomorrow will be Friday’, he shows a group of Franciscans fishing. These friars, were forbidden to eat meat on Fridays, in commemoration of the day when Christ was crucified. In ‘Thursday’, Sadler wrote, ‘The background was made up from studies I had painted in Germany, with the help of some foreground studies made in the previous summer at Hurley on the Thames’. A pendant to this picture in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, called ‘Friday’, shows the friars enjoying their catch. The 1897 guide to the Tate noted that this picture ‘was one of three that commenced Sir Henry Tate’s collection’.”

Landing Stage, Garnish Island, Parknasilla, Co.Kerry, 19 November 1909

img088a img088

To: Mr. W.C.Allenspach. C/o Mrs. Miller [?]. “Reservoir”. Kingston Hill. Surrey


Thanks for P.C., I am not gone on that type. Yes, the cane was soon uncovered without any trouble by clever T. How does this weather suit you? we had a snow storm on Tues. Hope you will have a good time on Sun. wherever you are. Lots of love to you dear, from us all

Yours –


Never mind, old chap. It’s a glorious death. 15 September 1909

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To: Syd. Goble AB, 20 Mess, HMS Revenge, Portsmouth

G Towner, 8 Trinity St, Bton

Syd Just a line we are doing grand so far, have you got your leave, iff so let us know, the weather is grand plenty of people about, they sends their best from home, we are going out the H and H. this morning, will have one for you out there from your Chum. George.