Promenade & Nell’s Point, Barry Island, 13 June 1939


To: Mrs Muzzlewhite, 13 Heavitree Rd, Exeter, Devon

Barry 13/6/39

We have arrived here after a very interesting journey, we went across the Aust Ferry over the Severn & through Newport & Cardiff also many other places. Bill has left us here for a couple of hours, we are having tea in a Café which seats 400 & we are the only two in here it seems such a large place. Hope you & Dad are OK.

With love from us all Joyce.

[I remember as a child crossing by the Aust Ferry, sitting in a queue of cars in blazing heat on the way back from the West Country, and finding a ten bob note on the ground (hurrah!). The ferry closed the day before the first Severn Bridge opened on 9 September 1966. Bizarrely, the cover of the soundtrack album to Martin Scorsese’s film No Direction Home shows Bob Dylan standing at the Aust terminal with the bridge in the background, presumably soon before it opened.]


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