“If there’s anything …” March 1908

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“If there’s anything as shouldn’t be, you must have brought it with you! Two gents had that bed for five weeks without complaining, and it’s just as they left it.”

To: Miss L.G.Grady, The “Moorings”, Park Road, Hayling Island, Hants.

What does S.W.A.K. stand for

My Dear Lucy,

Many thanks for letter received this morning, hope you are all well. I had a nice B. Card from H & a nice letter last Thursday. The weather here is very cold. But nice for cycling. I ride a good bit here. On an average I ride about 20 miles every afternoon I go out. It might be possible that in about a fortnight’s time I may be home for a holiday before I go to town. That is if we can let the house from the 14th. I hope we can’t, I want to wait until August. (rather, rather). Friend, don’t write & tell H, until I know for certain. Love to all your loving sister Vickie xxxxxxxxxx

Tell mother I will write in a day or two.


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