Horning, 27 May 1904

img025a img025

Front: 26-05-04 You may remember this [xxx] Horning. Doesn’t it look [xxx]?

To: Miss Beard, c/o Messrs Bourne & Hollingsworth, 116 Oxford Street, London W.

Have you started a new book yet?

With love


[Bourne and Hollingsworth was a famous department store. The store started in Westbourne Grove in 1894 and only moved to Oxford Street in 1902, two years before this post card was sent. I’m not sure of the position in 1904 but later, unmarried women were expected to live in the company hostel, Warwickshire House on Gower Street, for the duration of their employment. There are many fascinating accounts of people’s time there on the internet, as well as a Pathé newsreel of the January sales at the store in 1968. The store finally closed in 1983. The building is now known as The Plaza. 

In 1943, the actions of the management of Bourne and Hollingsworth – requiring their women staff to wear stockings, despite the ‘stringency in clothing supplies’ during the war – was the subject of a hilarious exchange in the House of Commons. Read more. My thanks to Steve Phipps for this fabulous snippet.]


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