Ilha do Pico, Azores, 28 May 1976

img006 img006a

To: Mr & Mrs K.D.Pattullo, Earlsdale, Chance Inn, Cupar, Fife, ESCOCIA

Horta, Faial, 28/5/76

Had a goodish run from Bermuda to here in 16 days (1920 miles). We had three days of too little wind, two of just plenty and the rest pretty suitable and Georgina, now further improved, steered all the way and despite some navigational anxiety, this island turned up in the right place in visibility of only two or three miles.

Saw quite a lot of shipping, including a big French yacht which took part in the round the world race two or three years ago – we met her again here. Also visited by U.S.Navy, very friendly and 3 sperm Whales, but they were rather shy.

My crew a great success – best I’ve had yet. I wonder where Chris got to. Any word?

We expect to leave in early June.



[The writer dates the card to 1976 but the postmark is unquestionably 28.5.75]


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